Rubb military aircraft hangars


The EFASS Trident full opening door system supports rapid aircraft deployment in theatre and at military bases around the world

Trident Door advantages and features

Designed specifically for the 20.4m span EFASS, this full end-opening aircraft hangar door helps speed up deployment. Three framed PVC panels are hinged at the base of the hangar and operate via a motorised folding mechanism.

lightweight materials for Trident door


The Trident Door is constructed using lightweight standard EFASS aluminium roof sections and features high quality PVC fabric folding panels

Double layered insulated fabric Trident door


The EFASS Trident Door can be insulated using the same double skin technology as the hangar covering membrane

protect aicraft with Trident door


When closed, Trident doors provide full protection from external elements to aircraft and equipment within the hangar

strike ready hangar with Trident door


The Trident Door has been designed to be rapidly deployed and ready for use at all times. The door can be opened and closed quickly at the touch of a button

Trident door military standard electrics

Electrical specification

The EFASS Trident Door is electrically operated using high quality, military specified 'plug and play' wiring and components

easy erected Trident door


Like the EFASS structure, the Trident Door is constructed on the ground, then lifted into place. No additional mechanical plant is needed

Rubb training on the Trident door


As part of the EFASS structure range, Rubb can provide special training for military personnel to enable them to construct and operate the Trident Door

easily packed and transported Trident door with EFASS hangar


The Rubb Trident Door has also been designed with packing and transportation in mind. All parts are easily packed securely inside a 20ft ISO container

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Trident Door size specifications

Fully opening Trident Doors at both ends of the building transforms the hangar into an aircraft sunshade.
Please view the internal clearance sizes below.



EFASS hangar Trident door shown open
EFASS hangar Trident door shown closed

Trident Door photo gallery

Please see below a collection of Rubb EFASS Trident Door images. Click on any image to enlarge.

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