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Rubb's Expeditionary Forces Aircraft Shelter System range of military hangars, relocatable military buildings, temporary hangars, storage warehouses, aircraft shelters and sunshades is designed to be rapidly deployed and quickly erected anywhere in the world.




Hangar types



The EFASS range of military buildings is available in three spans with various door options to accommodate fixed wing aircraft, rotary wing aircraft and land vehicle maintenance. The EFASS hangars can also be used as aircraft sunshades or military storage warehouses.






Design Criteria



Rubb provides robust, reliable and field maintainable engineered fabric military buildings to support defence requirements in areas of difficult terrain and challenging environmental conditions. Rubb's military hangars, shelters, warehouses, sunshades and workshops are fully demountable for future erect, strike and store cycles.

With a proven track record, clients include the UK, USA, UAE and Canadian forces. Rubb has the ideal solution and expertise to meet your military and defence application requirements




  • Complete EFASS range of military buildings packs into 20ft ISO shipping containers
  • Components can be unpacked, constructed, dismantled and repacked by military personnel
  • Structures can be quickly built without additional mechanical plant
  • Fully demountable for future erect, strike and store cycles
  • State-of-the-art hangar doors available including Heli-Door, Trident and Roller Shutter options
  • Multiple spans: 11.1m (36ft), 20.4m (67ft), 25m (82ft)
  • Innovative roof mounted crane provides optimal operational capability
  • Withstands wind and snow loads to UK Defence Standards: VE41.6m per second (wind speed); 100kg per m² (snow load)
  • Fabric is fire retardant and can be easily repaired
  • Client support from Rubb technicians from quotation to installation and beyond




News Press Events



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mod hangar regeneration
Rubb to review, refurbish, renew and regenerate facilities for MoD building fleet



Rubb doesn’t just supply new fabric buildings to the military sector. The company prides itself on helping provide a quality, cost effective, long-term investment.




military aircraft hangars dsei
DSEI 2015



DSEI set to welcome more than 30,000 visitors… Join us there in September





lithuanian air force hangar

Aircraft hangars join fleet at Lithuanian air base




The Lithuanian Air Force ordered three new 20.4m span x 12m long EFASS structures with Trident doors at each gable end. When the facility doors are closed the buildings measure 30m nose to nose...





armoured vehicle hangar

Rubb building provides shelter for all terrain military vehicles




Rubb has provided a storage and maintenance hangar for all terrain-armoured vehicles at a British Forces base in Bielefeld, Germany...



Rubb at IDEX 2015 military show
IDEX 2015 was ‘excellent platform’ for Rubb military building systems




Rubb returned to IDEX in the UAE to successfully showcase its respected military building range. The organisers hosted 1,200 exhibiting companies and more than 80,000 visitors at the event...




Rubb miltiary at IDEX 2015 UAE

IDEX 2015





Rubb returns to IDEX in the UAE this month to highlight a new UAV hangar from its respected military building range...






RAF aicraft hangars

MOD and Rubb continue to grow their supporting relationship




The UK MoD ordered seven 20.4m span EFASS structures (aluminium framed, fabric covered aircraft shelters) featuring Trident doors at each gable end. Each hangar packs into one 20ft ISO container for transport and includes Zone 1 electrics and insulated fabric cladding...