Rubb military EFASS hangars


Rubb's Expeditionary Forces Aircraft Shelter System (EFASS) range of military hangars, relocatable military buildings, temporary hangars, storage warehouses, military shelters and sunshades is designed to be rapidly deployed and quickly erected anywhere in the world.

Hangars to suit your military operations

Rubb provides robust and reliable engineered fabric military buildings and shelters to support defence requirements in areas of difficult terrain and challenging environmental conditions. Rubb's Rapid Erect Shelters, military aircraft hangars, warehouses, sunshades and workshops are fully demountable for future construction, storage and redeployment cycles. With a proven track record, clients include the UK, USA, UAE, Lithuanian and Canadian forces. Rubb has the ideal solution and expertise to meet your military and defence application requirements.

  • Military aircraft hangars

    Aircraft Hangars

    The EFASS military aircraft hangar is versatile and mission ready to support defence operations out in the field.

    Find out more about Rubb aicraft hangars
  • military UAV Hangars

    UAV Hangars

    Rubb Military UAV storage and maintenance hangars are designed to comfortably house lower profile aircraft systems.

    Find out more about Rubb uav hangars
  • military vehicle maintenance and storage hangers

    Vehicle Storage

    Relocatable rapid erect hangars are ideal solutions for maintenance and storage of a wide range of military vehicle.

    Find out more about Rubb vehicle maintenance buildings
  • military aircraft and vehicle sunshades


    Rubb military aircraft sunshades protect valuable aircraft and land vehicles from high UV rays and extreme conditions in theatre.

    Find out more about Rubb sunshade covers
  • military storage warehouses


    EFASS warehouses provide large clear internal dimensions for all types of military equipment storage and logistical operations.

    Find out more about Rubb military storage warehouses
  • military manufacturing and repair  workshops


    Explore Rubb's high quality military EFASS workshops for manufacturing and repair works at home and overseas.

    military vehicle repair workshop hangars
  • military infrastructure shelters and hangars


    Rubb’s Rapid Deployment Structures can be selected to create custom military base infrastructure facilities.

    Find out more about Rubb military hangar and shelter infrastructure

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Design Advantages

The fabric military building experts at Rubb have listened to direct requests from military personnel to provide a check list of unique solutions, which ensure our military hangars and shelters meet clients' and end users' needs.

EFASS Packaging


Complete EFASS range of military buildings packs into 20ft ISO shipping containers.

hangar packaging arrangement
efass hangar span sizes

Span sizes

Multiple hangar spans: 11.1m (36ft), 20.4m (67ft) and 25m (82ft)

hangar span sizes
EFASS construction dismantled and transporting around the world


Components can be unpacked, constructed, dismantled and repacked by military personnel

EFASS unpacked, constructed, dismantled and repacking
aircraft hangar maintenance crane system

Crane system

Innovative roof mounted crane provides optimal operational capability

military aicraft and vehicle maintenance crane
erecting an rubb aircraft hangar


Structures can be quickly built without additional mechanical plant

Constructing an aircraft hangar without plant
efass hangar wind and snow loadings


Withstands wind and snow loads to UK Defence Standards

aircraft hangar designed to UK defence standards
reusability of the rubb hangar range


Fully demountable for future storage, relocation and construction cycles

hangar erect, strike and store
double skin high quality fabric hangar covering


Double skin insulated PVC fabric cladding is fire retardant and can be easily repaired

insulated fabric hnagar material
aicraft hangar door configurations


State-of-the-art hangar doors available including Heli-Door, Trident and Roller Shutter options

hangar door systems
supporting clients throughout the world


Client support from Rubb technicians from quotation to installation and beyond

24 hour hangar field support

Latest News & Media

Stay up to date with the latest project news and events from Rubb Military.

Clive Barracks military warehouse
military stroage warehouse Clive Barracks

Defence structure delivered to UK barracks

An insulated building featuring Rubb’s Thermohall technology has been installed at Clive Barracks at Tern Hill....

>Rubb at IDEX UAE 2017
aircraft hangars IDEX 2017

IDEX 2017

Demonstrating the latest technology across land, sea and air sectors of defence....

Rubb military hangar timeline
Rubb hangar timeloine

The Rubb EFASS hangar range timeline

EFASS have been protecting valuable aircraft, equipment and military personnel...

RAF 5001 Squadron construction training
Rubb training RAF 5001

Rubb shares construction expertise

Members of an RAF Air Combat Support Unit took part in a hangar training course...

Royal Air Force Black Sea mission
Royal Air Force sunshade hangar

Sunshades support Royal Air Force Black Sea mission

Royal Air Force construction specialists have been hard at work in Romania...

RAF 5001 Squadron special luncheon
Rubb celebrate 5001 anniversary

5001 reasons to celebrate

RAF 5001 Squadron has been celebrating its 75th anniversary this year...

benbecular deployable military shelter
RAF aircraft hangars Benbecular

How a Rubb deployable military shelter had Unmanned Warrior covered

The MoD’s OIP Team manages and supports Technical Working Environment...

>RAF Coningsby Typhoon trial
environmental trial of Typhoon aircraft

RAF Coningsby Typhoon trial

Rubb Military aircraft shelters played a pivotal role in the environmental trial of Typhoon aircraft at RAF Coningsby, UK...

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