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Training advisers and custom designed courses are available to fully instruct clients on unpacking, erecting, using, dismantling and repacking Rubb EFASS military structures

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Royal Air Force personnel regularly attend training sessions at Rubb Buildings' Gateshead factory on all aspects of installing EFASS applications at bases and in theatre. Recent training themes include the Heli-Door system and crane installation and application. 5001 Squadron members often visit Rubb to learn all about EFASS technology for the Expeditionary Forces Aircraft Shelter System range. The award winning Air Combat Support Unit routinely deploys around the world to provide and maintain expeditionary airfield facilities to support deployed air operations.



The company's Training Advisers Dave Cromarty and John Borlace are on hand to provide training on erecting and dismantling EFASS equipment. Team members then lead building projects and share information with other Squadron members when they return to base or when in theatre.

Training services

  • Training available at Rubb Buildings Ltd's UK plant in Gateshead
  • Specific courses can be adapted to suit clients' needs
  • Sessions cover building framework, construction, fabric installation, doors and crane
  • Detailed procedure plans supplied, explained and put into practice under expert supervision
  • 35 years of experience, knowledge and expertise
  • Advice and support on hand to enhance speed and efficiency
  • Straight forward instructions which can be passed on to other construction team members
  • Advisers are available to work alongside clients' own labour force at requested locations

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