hangar refurbishment scheme


Protect your investment with Rubb's EFASS refurbishment programme.

Report - Repair - Repack - Store - Deploy

Rubb has been providing a professional refurbishing and recertifying service to the UK Royal Air Force for the past 15 years.



This involves collecting the structures, carrying out a full inventory of parts, servicing, repairing and repacking items ready to be deployed in the future. This ensures the product's high quality performance will continue for multiple deployments over many years.



A typical refurbishment to bring the building back to 'good as new' will cost between 10-15 per cent of the cost of a new hangar. The modular nature of the EFASS also means that the aluminium framing system, steel components and PVC covers can be reused to create a variety of new configurations to suite changing requirements.



Our customer care goes beyond just one sale and into aftercare commitment, maintenance, delivery of improved solutions to existing and changing requirements and a dependable system of ongoing R&D and engineering in the fabric building industry. We take care of your building investment for you, prolonging the life of your EFASS and providing savings on long term costs.

Refurbishment services

  • Receive containers from client
  • Unload into store awaiting instruction
  • Unpack goods from container and carry out full inventory
  • Compile status report with indication of cost outlay and repair timescale
  • Acquire authorisation for necessary action
  • Upgrade to latest authorised specifications
  • Clean and repair PVC fabric covers
  • Test and recertify all electrical equipment
  • Test and recertify lifting equipment
  • Recertify shipping containers
  • Re-pack to original schedule and seal
  • Log container details, including container number, seal number, date of refurbishment, contents, weight etc

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