Rubb military hangars support


Rubb personnel are on hand to provide help and support, from initial contact to quotation, installation and beyond. We are here to help you meet your goals in the field

How we can support your mission

military hangar construction training


Training advisers and custom designed courses are available to fully instruct clients on unpacking, erecting, using, dismantling and repacking Rubb EFASS military structures

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military Hangar in theatre support

Field support

Rub is available to answer your questions and offer advice by email and telephone. Formal documentation and spares can be issued from our office if required.

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military hangar refurbishement program


Protect your investment with Rubb's EFASS refurbishment programme. Rubb has been providing a refurbishing and recertifying service to the UK Royal Air Force for the past 15 years.

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military hangar Construction supervisor

Construction support

Rubb can supply an erection adviser to work alongside your own labour force. With previous build locations including Iraq, Afghanistan, USA and the Seychelles.

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