Rubb military 20.4m aircraft hangars


The 25m EFASS is currently the largest military helicopter hangar in the EFASS range, specifically designed for maintenance and storage of the MH-47 Chinook military helicopter.

25m span EFASS hangar specifications

The 25m Rubb rapid deployment military aircraft hangar is the largest hangar in the EFASS range of military buildings. This size hangar can be packed into two 20ft ISO shipping containers and erected in less than four days.


The aluminium framework is designed to maximise strength, minimise weight and still be robust enough to withstand multiple erection procedures in hostile environments

25m EFASS framework information

Fabric covers

High strength insulated fabric cladding protects your personnel and equipment in the field. The covering membrane has been designed to provide ideal working conditions within the hangar

25m hangar covering membrane


The Rubb EFASS is supplied with its own integral foundation arrangement with various adaptations and accessories to securely anchor the structure to the ground

25m military hangar information


The EFASS range has been designed with packing, repacking and fast track transportation in mind. The structure is methodically packed depending upon specific transport requirements

25m EFASS hangar packing methods and information


All EFASS structures can be packed into 20ft ISO shipping containers, making transport and delivery anywhere in the world quick and easy

hangar shipping 20ft containers

25m EFASS hangar sizes

25m EFASS history

The first EFASS helicopter hangars were 25m span x 36m long with Fast Jet Door technology. The helicopter shelters were packed into two 20ft containers. This specification and door type was purchased by both the US Army and the RAF, with an operational independent assessment taking place at Fort Campbell (the 160th SOAR Regiment).

The helicopter hangar was unpacked from its containers and erected by the 160th military personnel with two Rubb technicians. All attributes were tried and tested to ensure that it was adequate to house and maintain a Chinook helicopter with its blades fully deployed. The excercise helped identify two wish list items wihich would enhance the product's performance: the Heli-Door and internal roof mounted crane.

25m span EFASS photo gallery

Please see below a collection of Rubb EFASS 25m span hangar images. Please click on any image to enlarge.

25m hangar door types

The 25m EFASS is available with two main door options. The roller shutter door is used to accommodate all types of military large scale storage and logistic operations. The Heli-Door is used when accommodating large aircraft maintenance and storage. All structures including the door are packed into 20ft ISO containers for transport via land, sea and air.

Door size 1

25m hangar roller shutter door width



25m hangar roller shutter door height



Roller shutter door operational loads


VE 30m/s

Door size 1

25m military hangar small Heli-Door width



25m military hangar small Heli-Door height



25m military hangar small Heli-Door opening size


18.3m x 6.5m

Small 25m Heli-Door operational loads


VE 30m/s

Door size 2

25m military hangar large Heli-Door width



25m military hangar large Heli-Door height



25m military hangar large Heli-Door opening sizes


21.3m x 7m

large 25m Heli-Door operational loads


VE 30m/s

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25m EFASS hangar accessories & options

Browse through the accessories and options that can be selected for the 25m span Rubb EFASS hangar to suit your operational needs.

aircraft hangar door options
heli door and trident door hangar options

Hangar doors

Hangar doors are available including Heli-Door and Roller Shutter options.

aircraft hangar foundation arrangements
hangar integral foundation arrangement


Supplied with its own integral foundation arrangement with various adaptations.

aircraft hangar electics set ups
Zone 1 hangar protection electric systems


Kit forms with plug and play connections. Each kit is supplied with a power distribution panel.

aircraft hangar Roof mounted crane
aircraft hangar maintenance crane

Crane System

Internal roof mounted crane for military aicraft maintenance and repair field work

aircraft hangar construction kit
hangar erection and dimantle kit

Erection Kit

Hangar erection kit includes all the necessary equipment to erect and dismantle the structure

aircraft hangar tool kit
Rubb aircraft hangar installation kit

Tool Kit

A construction and installation tool kit can be provided for assembling and dismantling the structure

heating and ventilating military aircraft hangars
H-VAC systems for Rubb military aircrat hangars


Designed to allow the user to heat, ventilate, dehumidify or air condition the hangar.

blast proof aircraft hangars
Kevlar panel aircraft hangars


Added security for personnel and equipment. Kevlar® panels available on request.

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