Rubb military hangars and shelters types


The Rubb EFASS range of multi use hangars and shelters can be used to meet a variety of needs across the defence sector.

Covering all military operations

Different span widths are available to suit your specific requirements. Please choose your ideal span to find out more.

11.1m EFASS hangar

11.1m EFASS military shelter


This is the smallest military structure span in the EFASS range, designed to accommodate light aircraft, helicopters and operate as a smaller storage centre or workshop.

Find out more about the military 11.1m span hangar

20.4m EFASS hangar

20.4m EFASS military aircraft hangar


The 20.4m EFASS rapid erect hangar is mission ready to support military operations out in the field. One standard 30m long hangar can be packed into one 20ft ISO container.

Find out more about the Rubb EFASS 20.4m military hangar

25m EFASS hangar

25m EFASS military hangar


The 25m EFASS is currently the largest military helicopter hangar in the EFASS range, originally designed for maintenance of the MH-47 Chinook military helicopter.

Find out more about the Rubb 25m military hangar

UAV hangar

 EFASS military UAV hangar


Rubb Military UAV storage and maintenance hangars are designed with a lower internal volume. This makes the hangars much more cost effective to power.

Find out more about the Rubb UAV military hangar

9.1m RDS Shelter

9.1m Rapid deployed Shelter


RDS shelters have been designed to complement the EFASS range and can be used as additional connecting accommodation for military personnel.

Find out more about the 9.1m RDS military Shelter

Custom Hangars

large scale military hangars


Rubb can custom design your facility to suit your requirements and geographic location.

Find out more about the Rubb custom designed hangar

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