Rubb military aircraft Sunshades


The EFASS warehouse super structures provide an ideal space with large clear internal dimensions to accommodate all types of military storage and logistical operations.

Rapid construct military storage warehouses

The structure design capabilities are exactly the same as the EFASS aircraft and helicopter hangars - Rubb's soft walled aluminium framed warehouses are suitable for rapid deployment and can be built quickly without additional mechanical plant (crane, forklift truck).

efass warehouse fabric cover

Warehouse fabric cladding

Insulated fabric option provides a rapidly deployable temperature controlled warehouse

warehouse pvc fabric skin
Adaptable storage warehouses


The EFASS military warehouse can be shortened, extended or modified into a sunshade or hangar

adaptable military field warehouses
EFASS military warehouse packaging


EFASS military warehouses pack into 20ft ISO shipping containers

warehouse packaging arrangement
construction a aircraft sunshade

Fast installation

A 25m x 100m long military warehouse can be erected in just 13 days by a team of 11 personnel

eight men construction a miltiary sunshade
EFASS warehouse lengths

Building length

Typical military warehouse lengths range from 12m to 100m and are extendable by 4m bays

warehouse hangars lenghts

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Military warehouse span specifications

EFASS military storage and logistic warehouses are available in three spans to cover all types of defence operations. All military warehouses pack into 20ft ISO containers for transport via land, sea and air.

11.1m military storage warehouse

11.1m Span

11.1m military storage warehouse width


11.1m military storage warehouse eaves height



11.1m military storage warehouse mid roof height



11.1m military storage warehouse apex height



11.1m military storage warehouse snow loadings


100kg m2

11.1m military storage warehouse wind speeds


VE 40m/s

11.1m military storage warehouse crane system


1000kg SWL

20.4m military logistics warehouse

20.4m Span

20.4m military storage warehouse width


20.4m military logistics warehouse eaves height



20.4m military logistics warehouse mid roof height



20.4m military logistics warehouse apex height



20.4m military logistics warehouse snow loadings


100kg m2

20.4m military logistics warehouse wind speeds


VE 40m/s

20.4m military logistics warehouse crane system


1500kg SWL

25m Rubb storage warehouse

25m Span

25m wide storage and logistic warehouse


25m storage logistics warehouse eaves height



25m storage logistics warehouse mid roof height



25m storage logistics warehouse apex height



25m storage logistics warehouse snow loadings


100kg m2

25m storage logistics warehouse wind speeds


VE 41.6m/s

25m storage logistics warehouse internal crane


2000kg SWL

Warehouse accessories & options

Browse through the accessories and options that can be selected for the EFASS warehouse to suit your operational needs

aircraft hangar door options
heli door and trident door hangar options

Hangar doors

Hangar doors are available including Heli-Door, Trident and Roller Shutter options.

aircraft hangar foundation arrangements
hangar integral foundation arrangement


supplied with its own integral foundation arrangement with various adaptations.

aircraft hangar electics set ups
Zone 1 hangar protection electric systems


Kit forms with plug and play connections. Each kit is supplied with a power distribution panel.

aircraft hangar Roof mounted crane
aircraft hangar maintenance crane

Crane System

Internal roof mounted crane for military aicraft maintenance and repair field work

aircraft hangar construction kit
hangar erection and dimantle kit

Erection Kit

Hangar erection kit includes all the necessary equipment to erect and dismantle the structure

aircraft hangar tool kit
Rubb aircraft hangar installation kit

Tool Kit

A construction and installation tool kit can be provided for assembling and dismantling

heating and ventilating military aircraft hangars
H-VAC systems for Rubb military aircrat hangars


Designed to allow the user to heat, ventilate, dehumidify or air condition the hangar.

blast proof aircraft hangars
Kevlar panel aircraft hangars


Added security for personnel and equipment. Available on request, Kevlar® panels.

Sergeant Andy Bowles of 5001 Squadron

Supervised the construction of the first Rubb Military sunshades

"This capability is vital to sustain current and future operations in the Helmand Province and the benefits of reduced stock holdings as well as faster receipt and onward transmission will significantly increase the deployable logistics capability available to support the full spectrum of operations."


"I have been informed that the team went above and beyond the call of duty to get this equipment delivered ahead of schedule. Even to the extent of repacking the equipment in a different configuration so that it could be flown to Afghanistan rather than by ship.

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