Rubb military hangars and shelters


The Rubb EFASS range of hangar and shelters can be used for many military applications. From expedition ready aircraft shelters to the storage of equipment in large scale warehouses

Covering all military operations

Three different military building span widths are available to suit storage and maintenance of most military equipment and operations. Explore our selection of military buildings to find the best solution to suit your requirements.

military aircraft hangars

Aircraft Hangars

The EFASS aircraft hangar is versatile and mission ready to support defence missions at military bases and in theatre.

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military UAV Hangars

UAV Hangars

Rubb UAV storage and maintenance hangars are designed to comfortably house lower profile aircrafts.

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military vehicles Hangars

Vehicle Storage

Relocatable rapid erect hangars are ideal solutions for maintenance and storage of a wide range of military vehicles.

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military sunshade shelters


Rubb military sunshades protect valuable aircraft and land vehicles from high UV rays and extreme conditions.

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military storage warehouses


Warehouses provide large clear internal dimensions for all types of equipment storage & logistical operations.

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manufacturing and repair workshops


Lightweight aluminium framed workshops are suitable for rapid deployment anywhere in the world.

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military UAV Hangars


Rubb’s Rapid Deployment Structures can be selected to create custom military base infrastructure facilities.

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