Rubb shares construction expertise with Royal Air Force squadron

January 2017


Members of an RAF Air Combat Support Unit took part in a training course, which was delivered by Rubb Military staff.


5001 Squadron is responsible for the rapid construction of Temporary Working Environment (TWE) and the installation of Portable Aircraft Arrestor Gear (PAAG). TWE provides environmentally controlled facilities, including Rubb military structures, for fast jet or rotary assets and has been supporting deployed exercises and operations in the Middle East, Afghanistan, Europe and the Falkland Islands.


5001 personnel regularly attend training sessions at Rubb Buildings' Gateshead factory on all aspects of installing Rubb Military buildings and accessories at bases and in theatre. 5001 Squadron members recently learned all about Heli-Door and crane technology for the Expeditionary Forces Aircraft Shelter System range.


The formal training plan included the dismantling, construction, testing and maintenance of the EFASS Heli-Door system fitted to the 25m span EFASS structure. Course instructor David Cromarty directed the crew regarding dismantling and erection procedures along with the corrective and preventative maintenance tasks associated with the Heli-Door.



Rubb provided installation and maintenance technical publications for the duration of the training course, however the course content was hands-on and practical, with attendees carrying out relevant tasks and procedures throughout the programme of the course.


The five-day course also covered tasks relating to the internal crane system. 5001 members carried out the re-fit, pre-test maintenance and load test procedures on the crane.


Lee Clayton, from the Operational Infrastructure Programme (OIP) / Technical Working Environment Support (TWE) at Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S), said: “We came here for some hands-on training and support. 5001 have been learning to deconstruct and construct the Heli-Door and carry out maintenance. It is a bit of a learning curve but they are learning from the expert – Davy has years of experience with these structures that we can benefit from.”


Rubb can provide specific courses to suit all clients’ needs. Sessions can also include building framework, construction and fabric installation, with sessions providing a high level of expertise and more than 40 years’ experience in the field. Advisers are also available to work alongside teams at requested locations overseas.


Rubb’s Expeditionary Forces Aircraft Shelter System (EFASS) is designed to be rapidly deployed, providing reliable, durable and field maintainable fabric engineered structures for difficult terrain and harsh climatic conditions. Demountable, relocatable and reusable, EFASS aircraft hangars, sunshades, shelters and warehouses are available in three spans with multiple door options. Rubb Military fabric buildings can be equipped with gantry crane technology. Structures pack into 20ft ISO containers for transport.



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