The Rubb EFASS hangar range timeline

July 2017


Expeditionary Forces Aircraft Shelter Systems have been protecting valuable aircraft, equipment and military personnel in theatre since the hangar range was launched in 2002. Explore the EFASS evolution here...



Rubb efass hangar 1999-2001

Rise of the EFASS

Rubb completes research and development into rapid deployable hangar solutions.




Rubb military aircraft hangars 2002

52 Hangars

Rubb awarded contract from RAF for 52 hangars (20.4m span) to be primarily used for Tornado aircraft storage.




25m Rubb efass hangar 2004

Fleet expands

Further research and development goes into the EFASS range to create a wider solution, the 25m EFASS.




Rubb hangars Iraq conflict

Supporting the troops

Multiple size hangars deployed to support UK and US forces during Iraq conflict. Rubb begins developing internal roof mounted maintenance crane technology.




Rubb hangars Iraq conflict

25m EFASS enters the field

US Special Forces purchase first 25m span variants for Chinook aircraft deployed to Iraq. UK MoD purchases 25m variants for Chinook/Merlin operations in Iraq. Multiple variations of hangars deployed to Afghanistan by British, USA and Canadian forces.




CAE Aviation EFASS hangar


Research and developement is started to develop 11.1m land vehicle hangar. Luxembourg based CAE Aviation commissioned the Expeditionary Forces Aircraft Shelter System hangar from Rubb to house two SA227 MERLIN IIIC aircraft on anti-piracy missions in the Somali basin. The Luxembourg detachment in the Seychelles is part of the EU operation ATALANTA, steered by the European Union Naval Force (NAVFOR) Operation HQ in Northwood, UK.




100m long EFASS warehouses

Largest EFASS to date

Storage out in the field is vital, so the UK MoD deployed the largest EFASS to date. The Rubb EFASS hangar was converted to become a military warehouse measuring 25m x 100m. In total four were deployed to Afghanistan.




RAF Northolt for Operation Olympic Guardian

Operation Olympics

US Forces purchase 11.1m, 20.4m and 25m hangar systems. Rubb hangars used by UK military at RAF Northolt for Operation Olympic Guardian. The first commercial Rubb 11.1m sunshade was successfully delivered to house the helicopter operations of Rio Tinto.




Research and developement EFASS UAV POD


Research and development starts for the EFASS UAV POD. UK, USA and Canadian forces continue to use EFASS system range during expeditionary campaigns.




helicopter maintenance hangars


Rubb Buildings Ltd provides three 23.4m x 36m steel and aluminium hybrid EFASS helicopter maintenance hangars to Horizon Flight Academy in the UAE.




NHV Helicopter maintenace and storage hangar

Commercial market

Rubb EFASS hangar flies north to support commercial NHV offshore projects at Wick John O’Groats Airport, Scotland. Rubb continue to support the RAF with hangar and component training at Rubb Buildings Ltd HQ in Gateshead.




all terrain military vehicle hangar

Adapting the EFASS range

Rubb hangar provides shelter for all terrain military vehicles in Germany with custom designed gable end steelwork to accommodate a larger roller shutter door. Rubb also flew in to support the Lithuanian Air Force with three new 20.4m span x 30m long EFASS structures with Trident doors at each gable end.




EFASS hangar maintenance and refurbishment

Report - Repair - Repack - Store - Deploy

Rubb provides a refurbishing and recertifying service for all hangars in the EFASS range. This involves collecting the structures, carrying out a full inventory of parts, servicing, repairing and repacking items ready to be deployed in the future.




EFASS hangar packing

Packed the right way

New standards are developed relating to packing procedures for EFASS military products. Containers are packed to military JADTEU standards (Joint Air Delivery Test and Evaluation Unit).



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