Twelve buildings destined for Afghan deployment

Rubb is in a class of its own after Twelve buildings destined for Afghan deployment, which will see 12 military buildings deployed to Afghanistan throughout 2010.


The company’s design team have taken the EFASS range of hangars to the next dimension with four of the structures featuring newly developed wider Helidoor technology.


Meanwhile six of the Expeditionary Forces Aircraft Shelter System buildings will be the longest ever produced at 100m in length. The six 25m span x 100m facilities will be used as storage complexes and will be completed with 5m x 5m manual Roller Shutter Doors at each end. They will be environmentally controlled using an integrated air conditioning system to keep the internal ambient temperature within the required perimeters.


Sales Manager Ian Hindmoor said: “These are the longest EFAS Systems ever produced. This will set the benchmark for stores complexes in the future.”


All six shelters will be delivered before December 2010.


As well as the longest ever EFASS, Rubb is also set to provide the widest ever Helidoor. Four of the 25m span x 40m hangars will be equipped with the large 21.5m x 7.5m Helidoors. Previously the widest door supplied has measured 18.3m x 7m. Each building will be fitted with an internal roof mounted two tonne gantry crane. These structures are destined for Afghanistan by the end of August.


Ian added: “This new door system is in a class of its own, designed to accept all types of rotary wing aircraft. They will be truly state-of-the-art purpose made flight line maintenance hangars. The earlier Helidoor designs have already been an acclaimed success with the UK, Canadian and US military.


The final two buildings are Rubb sunshades, set for a June delivery to the same destination. The 25m x 28m shelters feature open gable ends and will be used to protect vital aircraft from searing temperatures and powerful UV rays.



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