Rubb delivers storage solution to RMB Chivenor

RUBB Building Systems has delivered a new storage solution to Royal Marines Base Chivenor. Rubb Buildings Ltd was tasked with providing a military hardware storage and maintenance facility, under dehumidified conditions.


This is the second Rubb building to be erected at the base near Barnstaple, Devon. Marine and army personnel were so pleased with the original 49.4m span (BVR Link) 90m long structure designed for the same purpose, that they tasked Rubb with designing and manufacturing another.


The new Rubb building is a 49.2m span (BVR Link) 160m long structure, giving an overall footprint of 7904m². The BVR structure is located on a sloping site, so the foundation had to be constructed with incremental steps along the length of the building.


The complete framework has been manufactured using welded black steel, which was hot-dip galvanized to provide a consistent zinc coating over the entire structure. This provides a maintenance free framework. The white PVC roof lets the natural daylight penetrate through, providing a bright and airy indoor atmosphere. The building was completed on schedule in March 2010.



Clare Wilson

Marketing Manager | +44 191 482 22 11

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