Hangar sunshade system shines

Four new Rubb military buildings are facing front-line action in Afghanistan.


Following a successful training session led by Rubb staff, RAF personnel erected two Rubb sunshades and two 25m helicopter hangars in theatre.The 25m x 28m sunshades feature open gable ends and will be used to protect vital aircraft from searing temperatures and powerful UV rays.


Meanwhile the 25m span x 40m hangars are equipped with newly developed 21.5m x 7.5m Heli-Doors. Previously the widest door supplied has measured 18.3m x 7m.


Eight more Rubb military structures, including two 25m x 40m hangars with 21.5m Heli-Doors and six 25m x 100m structures with 5m x 5m manual roller shutter doors, will be delivered to Afghanistan over the coming months.


Sergeant Andy Bowles commented: “The temperature was in the mid 40s and it was a harsh environment to work in but the sunshades went together quickly and easily, enabling us to move on to the next job.”


Sales Manager Ian Hindmoor added: “We took the existing EFASS product and adapted it to create the sunshades. This has proved to be successful and demonstrates the flexibility and versatility of the product range. The fact that we can ship these structures in a box and put them up without plant and a minimum workforce within days shows continued product development and is testament to the training delivered here at Rubb.”



Clare Wilson

Marketing Manager | +44 191 482 22 11

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