Cutting edge hangar door and maintenance crane technology

Cutting edge door and crane technology has raised Rubb’s game in the military sector. Rubb Buildings Ltd has been at the forefront of supplying vital hangars to the frontline in conflict torn Afghanistan.


The newly developed 25m span EFASS, complete with a 18.5m wide x 6.5m high aircraft door is currently being used by many different forces from around the world. Six 25m x 36m hangars were delivered to the Canadian military at Kandahar Airfield.


Sales Manager Ian Hindmoor said: “These were the first ones to feature the new Helidoor and four were also equipped with internal two-tonne gantry cranes. They were designed to house various aircraft from UAVs to Chinooks.”


The crane system was designed to help users of the hangars with their daily maintenance procedures for aircraft in the field.


The sixth and final EFASS was erected in February 2010 by a Technical Assistance Visit (TAV) Team, led by 14 Construction Engineer Squadron (CES).


Captain Mike Taylor, Deputy Officer in Charge of 91 Construction Engineering Flight, described the EFASS structure as ‘a very slick piece of kit’.


The only heavy equipment required to assemble the structure is an articulating boom man lift and a forklift truck – no crane is required. The completed facility is large enough to accommodate maintenance of a CH-147 Chinook helicopter without removing the rotors.


The experts at Rubb are always advancing new technology and a new 21.5 x 7m Helidoor is the latest development. They are currently working on a wider span and lower door concept for hangars to house Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.



Clare Wilson

Marketing Manager | +44 191 482 22 11

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