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IDEX 2017


Meet the Rubb Military team

IDEX is the only international defence exhibition and conference in the MENA region demonstrating the latest technology across land, sea and air sectors of defence. It is a unique platform to establish and strengthen relationships with government departments, businesses and armed forces throughout the region.




Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


Stand 06-A31
Hall 06 UK Pavilion

Dates / Times

VIP Guests: 19th Febuary
Public: 20th-23rd Febuary

Why visit IDEX 2017?


Rubb will be showcasing all the latest technology in rapid deployment ‘super structures’ at IDEX 2017.


Rubb’s Expeditionary Forces Aircraft Shelter System (EFASS) is designed to be rapidly deployed, providing reliable, durable and field maintainable fabric engineered structures for difficult terrain and harsh climatic conditions. Demountable, relocatable and reusable, EFASS aircraft hangars, sunshades, shelters and warehouses are available in three spans with multiple door options. Rubb Military fabric buildings can be equipped with gantry crane technology. Structures pack into 20ft ISO containers for transport.


Rubb Managing Director Ian Hindmoor said: “We are looking forward to meeting people and organisations who could benefit from the unique capabilities and rapid deployment features of our fabric military structures.”


Rubb doesn’t just supply new fabric buildings to the military sector. The company prides itself on helping provide a quality, cost effective, long-term investment that can be adapted to suit ever-changing needs. The UK MoD has been using Rubb Military buildings for more than 35 years and has more recently seen the benefits of the company’s EFASS post-use storage, assessment and refurbishment service.


IDEX 2017 is one of the world’s largest and most strategically important defence and security exhibitions. Exhibitors and visitors will have the opportunity to meet local and international manufacturers and suppliers of the latest equipment, technology and systems. Guests can also attend the IDEX & NAVDEX Defence Summit during the event.


Explore Rubb Military's range of rapid deployment hangars and shelters at Stand 06-A31.

IDEX 2015 at a Glance

  • 1,200 companies from 56 countries
  • Over 12,500 m² exhibition space
  • 133,000 gross m² of exhibition and display area
  • 43,863 net m² of stand space
  • 42 national pavilions
  • 101,000 visitors from 143 countries
  • 150 official delegations
  • 12 halls of indoor exhibition space
  • Outdoor and on-water exhibition displays
  • NAVDEX (Naval Defence Exhibition) spanning over 5,600 m² area
  • 20 hospitality suites
  • Opening ceremony attended by 5,000 VIPs and high-ranking military officials
  • Daily live demonstrations
  • IDEX Defence Conference with more than 500 senior defence executives

Hangars to suit your military operations

Rubb provides robust and relocatable military hangars to support military requirements in areas of difficult terrain and challenging environmental conditions. Rubb's Rapid Erect Shelters, military aircraft hangars, warehouses, sunshades and workshops are fully demountable for future construction, storage and redeployment cycles. With a proven track record, clients include the UK, USA, UAE, Lithuanian and Canadian forces. Rubb has the ideal solution and expertise to meet your military and defence application requirements.

  • Military aircraft hangars

    Aircraft Hangars

    The EFASS military aircraft hangar is versatile and mission ready to support defence operations out in the field.

    Find out more about Rubb aicraft hangars
  • military UAV Hangars

    UAV Hangars

    Rubb Military UAV storage and maintenance hangars are designed to comfortably house lower profile aircraft systems.

    Find out more about Rubb uav hangars
  • military vehicle maintenance and storage hangers

    Vehicle Storage

    Relocatable rapid erect hangars are ideal solutions for maintenance and storage of a wide range of military vehicle.

    Find out more about Rubb vehicle maintenance buildings
  • military aircraft and vehicle sunshades


    Rubb military aircraft sunshades protect valuable aircraft and land vehicles from high UV rays and extreme conditions in theatre.

    Find out more about Rubb sunshade covers
  • military storage warehouses


    EFASS warehouses provide large clear internal dimensions for all types of military equipment storage and logistical operations.

    Find out more about Rubb military storage warehouses
  • military manufacturing and repair  workshops


    Explore Rubb's high quality military EFASS workshops for manufacturing and repair works at home and overseas.

    military vehicle repair workshop hangars
  • military infrastructure shelters and hangars


    Rubb’s Rapid Deployment Structures can be selected to create custom military base infrastructure facilities.

    Find out more about Rubb military hangar and shelter infrastructure


حلول المخازن والهياكل العسكرية المصنوعة من أجود الخامات والقادرة على التعامل مع البيئات الوعرة والقدرة الاستيعابية المذهلة


Rubb military hangars and shelters arabic

أكاديمية هورايزون للطيران (Horizon Flight Academy) مطار العين الدولي - مباني صيانة الطائرات من شركة Rubb، ملاجئ وحظائر صيانة الهليكوبتر والطيران


helicopter maintenance and storage shelters Arabic

Experience the Rubb EFASS hangar

Aircraft hangar span specifications

Three different building span widths are available to suit storage and maintenance
of most military aircraft types. Please choose your ideal span to find out more.

11.1m aircraft hangars

11.1m Span

11.1m EFASS military aircraft shelter


1mm efass eaves height



1mm efass mid roof height



11m efass apex height



1mm efass snow load


100kg m2

11m EFASS wind speed


VE 40m/s

EFASS maintenance crane


1000kg SWL

20.4m EFASS hangar size

20.4m Span

20.4m EFASS  hangar span width


20.4m EFASS hangar eaves height



20.4m EFASS hangar mid roof height



20.4m EFASS hangar apex height



20.4m EFASS hangar snow loadings


100kg m2

20.4m EFASS hangar wind speeds


VE 40m/s

EFASS 20.4m crane system


1500kg SWL

25m span width hangar

25m Span

25m span military aircraft hangars


25m EFASS hangar eaves height



25m EFASS hangar mid roof height



25m EFASS hangar apex heights



25m EFASS hangar snow loads


100kg m2

25m EFASS hangar wind speeds


VE 41.6m/s

25m EFASS military hangar maintenance crane


2000kg SWL

Join the Rubb team at IDEX 2017

Explore Rubb Military hangars and shelters at IDEX 2017
Stand 06-A31, Hall 06, UK Pavilion. Register for FREE

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