military hangar access doors


EFASS standard access doors are an ideal door solution for military pedestrian access. Doors are painted to match the hangar colour choice

Access door advantages and features

Pedestrian access doors are designed to be fitted easily to EFASS military structures at bases and in theatre.

EFASS access door materials


Pedestrian access doors are made of standard parts and are easily maintainable

EFASS access door design


Access Doors are quickly available as a standard off-the-shelf accessory

EFASS access door protection


Access Doors provides full protection to all assests inside while providing pedestrian access

ground erected access doors


The EFASS access door is constructed before being shipped to site so only needs to be bolted into position

fit access doors to exisitng hangars


Access Doors can be fitted to any EFASS gable end or sidewall.

shipping access with efass hangar


Rubb hangars have been designed with precise packing specifications to accommodate all different door types

Access door size specifications

The graphics below show the different specifications for the two available access door options.




UK spec access door

Clear door opening sizes shown

large access door sizes




USA spec access door

Clear door opening sizes shown

large access door sizes

Access door photo gallery

Please see below a collection of Rubb EFASS access door images. Click on any image to enlarge.

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