Rubb military hangars doors


A range of different doors are available depending on operational needs.

A door to cover all military operations

RSD doory type

Roller Shutter Door

Standard off-the-shelf Roller Shutter Doors are an ideal door soluton for military storage buildings and logistical needs.

Find out more about Rubb Roller Shutter Door
military EFASS Trident Door system

Trident Door

The EFASS Trident Door system is designed to be mission ready and is ideal for rapid aircraft deployment operations in theatre.

strike ready hangar door trident
military hangar Heli-Door system


This door has been specifically designed and manufactured for the military forces, providing a robust and reliable door system.

Find out more about Rubb largest hangar door Heli-Door
military EFASS pedestrian access doors

Access Door

The EFASS standard access door is the ideal door soluton for military pedestrian access. Doors are painted to match the hangar colour choice.

pedestrian access doors

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