insulated pvc fabric hangar covering


The EFASS military building range has been designed with precise packing, repacking and fast track transportation high on the priority list

Packing your EFASS military hangar

All parts are organised and kept together in a pre-defined container to ensure compliance and to enable the erection crew to unload components in order to suit the construction plan

Overall weight has to be flexible as it is controlled by the mode of transport and the ability to be loaded onto that transport. Sea freight has more or less no restrictions other than maximum plated weight, but airfreight is variable as different military forces have access to different aircraft, each with their own restrictions on loading. Fortunately EFASS is very versatile and can be loaded into its own containers to suit almost any requirement.



Transporting EFASS military hangars couldn't be easier as they are supplied with their own 20ft lightweight ISO containers, which are manufactured to industry standards and can be freighted by land, sea or air. The containers stay with the building during its deployment and are usually used as an additional storage facility until the hangar is dismantled and repacked.



The top four photographs show the components of a 25m span x 36m long EFASS, incorporating two Heli-Doors, packed into four 20ft containers. An overall maximum weight of 9980kg per container was specified in this case by the Canadian Military. As a result, the volume of the contents within each container is far below its capacity of 17500kg in this application.

Packing Illustrations

Each container has its own designated inventory supported by individual packing lists, together with a detailed sequence of loading and unloading instructions. This ensures that all procedures of construction and dismantling are easily followed and controlled in theatre.

aluminium framework packing arrangement
Steel bend packing setup
container item set up

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