insulated pvc fabric hangar covering


The EFASS covering membrane forms the protective barrier between the environment and the valuable equipment and personnel inside.

Proven lifetime performance

Rubb uses only the best quality materials with high specifications and proven lifetime performance. We would expect the cover to last a minimum of 15 years, extending up to 30 years depending upon use and location.

Single skin

Single skin PVC coated fabric is the normal industry standard, which provides basic insulation properties. It is usually specified when used as an unmanned warehouse or storage facility.


R value - 0.16 m²K/W

U value - 2.98 W/m²K



Double skin insulation


Rubb also offers double skin and insulated fabric membrance solutions. The insulation helps provide comfortable working conditions within front-line aircraft hangars and vehicle maintenance workshops, in both hot and cold conditions. The outer skin, insulation and inner skin are all welded into one Keder track.


R value - 0.6 m²K/W

U value - 1.68 W/m²K

PVC quality

Quality of the PVC fabric cladding is paramount, with only the highest standard materials used.


Keder is the component that secures the PVC skin to the metal structure, via a track profle in the aluminium span sections. This material is widely used in the commercial tent and marquee market, but because of the forces involved and the need to install and operate in arduous conditions, Rubb has developed an enhanced version to defence standard specifications, with a large weld area to help reduce friction wear.




Rubb standard fabric cladding has three layers: a polyester woven fabric inside PVC coating on both sides. This setup is ideal for commercial applications where minimal light transmission will come through. However, in some military applications this is not acceptable, so an upgraded formulation with an additional blackout layer has been adopted and used for the outer skin of all EFASS structures.

relocatable military uav hangars

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