military hangr lightweight framework


The EFASS hangar aluminium framework has been designed to maximise strength, minimise weight and still be robust enough to withstand multiple construction procedures in hostile environments.

Strong, lightweight and robust

Only the best grade materials and components have been selected with highest quality being paramount.

The main frame members are manufactured from lightweight structural aluminium extrusions. All joints, inserts and footplates are manufactured from high grade steel, engineered to provide the most strength with a low weight when packed.


The standard EFASS aluminium extrusion has been designed with utility slots to accommodate the assembly of components and accessories, both internally and externally, along their full lengths, eliminating the need to weld to the aluminium, which would greatly reduce its structural properties.


All major forces are transferred to the steel joints and any stress and wear points between the softer aluminium are taken out by using compression stops. To prevent electrolytic reaction of dissimilar metals and protect from corrosion, the aluminium is anodized and the steel is hot dip galvanized after fabrication.


Weather protection span joints

Weather protection is provided by inserting an engineered rubber profile into the outside utility slot over the full length of the span profile. Rubber has proven to be the most effective solution, especially in hot conditions, as other cheaper plastic alternatives deteriorate very quickly.

Hangar span quality

Attention to detail enhances the high quality of this product, which is always a priority for Rubb. This is highlighted in typical roof and footplate joints, where shear load is taken from steel bolts through the softer aluminium section by providing steel compression stops on the connecting joints. A further example can be seen on the EFASS footplates, where hinge locations includes oilite bushes and stainless steel pins.

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